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Larnaca Panorama April 2021
Larnaca morning February 2021
Jasper, Alberta Canada on a Wintery Day December 2008 just before I moved to India and then the Middle East

I am now working as a Case Researcher for Mexeen – Middle East Executive Education Network

Who is Peter Robertson

Global Village CNAQ 2018
Peter October 2021
Peter – Downtown Larnaca April 2021

From managing large sales teams in multinational companies to creating technology start-ups, and teaching business, Peter has done it all.

As a proven business leader, expert in strategic marketing and sales, branding, business development, telecommunications, and leadership, Peter has been recognized for his numerous talents.

Originally from Canada, Peter has been in the MENA region since 2011, where he has been teaching business at of the leading colleges in the UAE and Qatar. Peter has written numerous cases on the Mena region in many different disciplines from marketing to human resources to strategy.

Peter is excited to be working with Mexeen and delivering solutions to our clients.

Peter serves on the Mexeen network as a Researcher/writer of business Case studies to be used in teaching at Mexeen Executive education Programs. The case studies highlight the region business landscape and absorb excellent business lessons on various topics.

When he is not hard at work, Peter and his wife Sandi can be found writing, traveling, cooking, riding his bike, golfing or enjoying live music.

Peter’s wife Sandi teaches English online to students in China, Korea, Saudi Arabia and around the world.. She also sells real estate. After 10 years in the Middle East, UAE and Qatar they are currently based in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Pictures of Larnaca and Cyprus –

Larnaca Beach Scene February 2021
St. Lazaris Chuch Larnaca
Larnaca Awakes January 2021
Peter and Sandi in Bali 2016
Demo Day May 1st 2019 – Incubated and 100,000 Riyals – We did it!!!


Writing Cases

I have been writing cases for quite a few years now and I really enjoy telling the stories and teaching students through the case method. Decisions made, the results, the discipline required to tell the story quickly and try and highlight the key ideas.

When I was teaching the feedback I got from my students was that it was interesting to read and try and understand the key issues with colleagues and then present a solution or solutions to the case with just enough detail.

I will be sharing some of my cases here and also some abstracts on the cases I have already written and what the central theme is that I have focused on.

Ooredoo Case 2016 –  Jaywant Michael; Peter Robertson

Ooredoo “Mobility” – Mobilizing, Motivating and Developing Leaders

Ooredoo, one of the world’s fastest growing telecom groups, experienced record growth rates since 2006 by moving internationally through acquisitions and joint ventures. (see Appendix 1)  But, growth usually checks in with its baggage of challenges and opportunities.  The challenge of managing and leveraging cross border talent was converted into an opportunity by Ooredoo’s Talent Management Group (TMG), through its Mobility program. The impact of the program went beyond talent management as it provided tangible financial benefits. 

Recent changes in the external environment, especially towards the end of 2015, has however posed new economic challenges in the countries Ooredoo operates in.  Within an environment of budget constraints, reductions in workforce and cost optimization, TMG’s biggest challenge lies in continuing to invest in people’s development.

Teaching Notes

Some Cases That Are Completed –

My Case Writing Philosophy

As I develop my cases they will be all the more meaningful for Mexeen with Middle Eastern content. That is what the cases and caselets that I will write and provide – based on stories from the MENA region. They will be written in the Middle East context and provide a framework for dialogue and solutions that are made for the way we do business in the GCC. Our challenges and our learnings. Some may be rewritten to reflect a particular angle of management focus based on input from my collleagues. I look forward to their input.

Currently my cases are from Qatar but I am working diligently to bring other countries in the MENA region on board and complete some others to ensure some balance to my portfolio in terms of geography.

At the moment these are named cases but there will be some that are unnamed to protect the reputation of the organization and the individuals involved who may not feel comfortable talking to the “press” and making a business challenge public.

Also, at the moment the cases are written from third party sources. This is easier and saves time but if the opportunity presents itself we will write from the inside after we complete the proper steps and ensure signoff.

Cases – Qatar              1 – Including Abstract, References, Brief Teaching Notes

CompanyIndustrySubject MatterCompletePages Teaching NotesPowerPointVersions
Ooredoo – Case – 1TelecommunicationsHR Strategy, Global Mobility, Leadership, Training – Mobilizing, Motivating and Developing Leaders Yes15YesYes1
Ooredoo – Caselet – 1TelecommunicationsMarketing, Strategy – MyanmarYes6NoYes1
Baladna  – Case – 1Dairy, meatLeadership, Operations, Start Up – IPO and Financial AcumenYes19YesNo1
Baladna – Caselet – 1Dairy, MeatLeadership, Operations, Start UpYes6YesNo1
Qatar Airways – Caselet – 1Airline IndustryProfitability, Leadership StrategyYes8YesYes2
Qatar Airways Cargo – Case – 1Airline IndustryManagement, Covid 19 Vaccines, DistributionYes13YesYes2
GWC Logistics – Caselet – 1Logistics, Supply ChainLogistics and growth, FIFA World Cup SupplierYes10YesNo2
Al Meera – CaseletFMCG – FoodFinancial strategy, MarketingNo6  1
Barwa Bank – CaseletBankingRebranding to Dukhan Bank – Barwa and ibq bank mergerNo6   
Barwa Real Estate – CaseletReal EstateGrowth in difficult times – LeadershipNo8   
Commercial Bank – CaseletBankingLargest private bank in Qatar No6   
Doha BankBankingMoving forward globally – No6   
Doha InsuranceInsurance No    
Ezdan Realty – CaseRealtyHuge growth despite construction headachesNo25 ??   
Family Business -CaseletAllSuccession planning in family businesses in the Gulf RegionNo8  1
Masraf Al Rayan – CaseBankingVery successful bankNo20   
Qatar General InsuranceInsurance??No    
Qatar Industrial Manufacturing CompanyDiverseDiverse interesting company – need more informationNo    
Qatar National CementBuilding MaterialsGreat story – growthNo3   
QDBInvestmentHelping to diversify the economy – covid19 challengesNo5   
QIBBankingIslamic finance, Takaful etc.No    
QIC – CaseInsuranceInsurance GrowthNo20  1
QIC – CaseletInsuranceInsurance GrowthNo6  1
QNB – CaseletBankingBiggest bank in the Gulf – Green BondsNo4  1
Salam International – CaseDiverse companyLots of business through the regionNo11  1
Vodafone – CaseTelecommunications2nd Phone Company in QatarNo25  1
Vodafone – CaseletTelecommunications2nd Phone Company in Qatar – needs to be shortenedNo20  1
Zad HoldingDiverse CompanyLots of businessesNo    
Doha MetroTransportation      
Mannai CorporationDiverse – Cars to Equipment      
Darwish Corporation51 East etc. Diverse      
Ali Bin AliFrozen Storage, Travel etc.      
KuwaitI have lists of largest companies – for all of these below and will write cases on them      
United Arab Emirates       

I am also working on articles on Business Case Writing, a PowerPoint on Case Writing and some podcasts and look forward to completing those.

I look forward to this new journey with Mexeen, their amazing partners and where we will go together.

Ferry to Vancover Island 2008

I look forward to adding more to this page in the fullness of time.


Hong Kong April 2015 – One of my favourite pictures….amazing city…can’t wait to go back

I look forward to writing cases with my colleagues and students of the courses Mexeen facilitates with their partners.

Business Case Writing Template


Utilizing a template can help
  THE PROJECT In bullet points, describe the problem this project aims to solve or the opportunity it aims to develop.
  THE HISTORY In bullet points, describe the current situation.
  LIMITATIONS List what could prevent the success of the project, such as the need for expensive equipment, bad weather, lack of special training, etc.
  APPROACH List what is needed to complete the project.
  BENEFITS In bullet points, list the benefits that this project will bring to the organization.
Not Busy Now Bedaya November 2018 where we came second